The primary role of the Trustee Ministry is to be a servant and advocate for Christ and to carryout the responsibilities the church has entrusted to each appointee. A Trustee must past the moral qualifications as listed in I Timothy 3 and Genesis 24. A Trustee must be a member known to be of good and regular standing in the church and community, and who consistently demonstrates a spirit of cooperation and interest in the church.

First and foremost, trustees have a legal responsibility with regards to their position and obligation to the church. This is reflected in both the church constitution and the legal requirement that all trustee appointments be recorded in the jurisdiction (Fauquier County Circuit Court) where the church resides.

Secondly, trustees are charged with the responsibility to hold in trust all the property belonging to the church, and take appropriate measures for its protection, management, and upkeep. Property in this case refers to both tangible (real estate) as well as intangible (good will) property. The trustee ministry has no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer real estate property without specific authority by vote of the congregation.

Thirdly, trustees have a responsibility of ensuring the church will be able to meet its financial goals and objectives in fulfilling the spiritual needs of the congregation and the greater community which it serves. Also, trustees have a responsibility to oversee funds for ministry, administrative support, and disbursement of church funds as appropriated by the annual church budget. The trustee ministry is responsible for preparing monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial statements showing details of all the income and expenditures for the Church. The control and protection of all monetary assets deemed the property of Oak Shade Baptist Church. Consequently, the Trustee Ministry must be consulted before any contract or agreement is entered into that will affect the Church’s financial position. The Trustee Ministry in turn is expected to act responsibly by consulting with the Pastor on significant financial matters.

Trustees have an important role in the church, however, the most significant is to serve and be an advocate for Christ.