Men's Fellowship
        ​                OUR VISION

​We see strong bonds cultivated between men and God as they are led into relationship with Jesus Christ.

We see men realizing their responsibility to God, to self, to their families, and to the community.

We see men’s lives transformed and making a positive impact in the lives in their families, community, city, and nation.

We see men reintegrated with their families and providing the leadership and support necessary for its survival.

We see family relationships restored, and its members working toward a common goal.

We see men realizing and attaining their full potential.

We see social and economic improvement in our communities.

We see a new generation of responsible, healthy, and prosperous people on spiritual, physical, and mental levels.


To minister to the men of the Oak Shade Baptist Church by providing Biblical training, fellowship and corporate opportunities to work on “good works” projects for the congregation and community.

Meetings are held the first Saturday of ever month at 8:30 a.m.


​Sponsor annual men's conference
Support other churches men's fellowship programs​​ (Retreats, Men's Day)​
Attend National Men’s Conference {Nov 2015}