Drug Awareness Program
The Drug Awareness Program has as its primary objective to serve the Lord as it fulfills the mission and vision of Oak Shade Baptist Church. The specific areas of the vision that this ministry is actively directing its efforts are:

Equips Godly leaders

Fosters a 'can do' spirit and attitude throughout the membership.

Builds strong families

Makes Oak Shade a resource for the membership and the community.

Ensures excellence in our service, witness, and worship.

The following activities are being conducted by this ministry toward that end:

Monday Night sessions (Confidential/by appointment) at 7:00 PM. The Drug Awareness Program helps those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and need help in overcoming their addiction.

Members conduct session. Also, personal testimonies are given by members to encourage others that they can be freed from sin through Jesus Christ.

Utilize the words of God to the established 12 stages and 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), as the word of God is taught along with the stage.

Plan of salvation is taught.

Monthly meeting (2nd Saturday of the month) at 1:00 PM.

Members educate other committees and congregation about substance abuse through specific programs sponsored by the ministry. Also, see Drug Awareness bulletin board.

Family night (Dinner, showing of video, drug awareness literature, drug awareness kits displayed and discussions) is sponsored by the ministry in November.

Communities are being informed of this ministry by a TV announcement that was placed on Comcast Cable; therefore, those needing help can contact the church.