The Deacon Ministry has as its primary objective to serve the Lord as it fulfills the mission and vision of the Oak Shade Baptist ​Church. The Deacons Ministry is actively involved in some way as a part of all seven areas of the vision, in as much as it assists the Pastor and serves in a spiritual advisory role to all of the ministries in the church. These men are elected by the membership and are considered a key part of the official board of the Church.

Activities currently being conducted by the Deacon Ministry are:

​• A deacon is responsible for providing spiritual advice and direction as required to each ministry in the church.
• Conducts an active family ministry, by being in regular contact with every member in the church.
• Lead the devotional service for most services
• Provide assistance to the pastor in any area requested by him.
• Serving communion to the membership (to include home visits for the sick & shut-in)
• Preparing candidates for baptism
• Teaching the new members class
• Hospital visitation
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