The Deaconess are a group of women voted in by the Church body (normally) the wives of the deacons that serve to assist in the fulfillment of the entire mission and vision of the Church. The Deaconess ministry makes objectives, goals and plans to promote growth and fellowship in the church and community.

​​The Deaconess meets every Sunday morning for devotions and prayer for our church, community and special prayer for the sick. The Ministry also recognize member of the church who face challenges yet remain faithful in their service to the Lord “Stay Focus Award”.

Primary activities of the Deaconess include:

 -  Making the preparations for serving communion
 -  Preparing candidates for baptism and assisting the candidates during the service
 -  Providing counseling and training to younger women in the Lord
 -  Providing support for the family ministry
 -  Hospital visitation
 -  Assist the Deacons with new member’s class
 -  Responsible for providing spiritual advice and directions as required to some of the ministries of the church
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